Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Gleneagles Medical Centre

Doctors of Ophthalmic Consultants
Me and my new colleagues

I was originally going to post this next week, however, as events transpired I have stopped seeing patients at my original practice at Jerry Tan Eye Surgery.

I have left my position at Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, and I will be practising at Gleneagles Medical Centre from now onwards, with a subspecialty practice called Ophthalmic Consultants.

I was struck by this phrase - 'every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end'-and it encapsulates the mixed feelings I feel about the past four years. Fruitful years, with the ups and downs of human existence aplenty. But I felt the negatives were beginning to outweigh the goodwill and comfort I experienced in that position-surely material for a future post when the emotions are a little less raw.

I have high hopes for the future, and look forward to helping many more with their eye problems!


  1. hi dr por,
    seems like quite a bit has happened since we last met. can't say i'm surprised by the occurrence but more at how soon. do hope you're settling in nicely at the new place. i would be keen to know what transpired :) ok, i'm being nosey but i do have vested interests ;) if you'd share more, i'll let you know my sentiments on your current place of practice...

  2. Hi Christina

    Yes,lots of things have happened! Do drop me an email at and we can talk more on 'sensitive' issues. Hope everything's fine with you and your eyes! Have a great new year ahead too!